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Ayunan Coffee Table


Introducing the Ayunan Coffee Table, a true masterpiece that showcases the organic natural beauty of Travertine and the warmth of Teak wood. This exquisite coffee table is designed to be a center piece and a conversation starter.

The Ayunan Coffee Table features a stunning natural Travertine top, a type of limestone that is formed over time by mineral deposits in natural springs. Each piece of Travertine is unique, displaying natural cracks, holes, and markings that add character and depth to your table. To preserve the authentic beauty of this material, we have left the Travertine unsealed, revealing it's naturally matte, porous finish.

Supported by robust Teak wood legs, the Ayunan Coffee Table combines durability and elegance in perfect harmony. The warm tones of the Teak wood contrast with the cool, natural allure of the Travertine top, creating a captivating visual balance that enhances any room.

Dimensions: D60cm x H35cm

Handmade in Indonesia


Teak Care Instructions: Wipe down the Teak with a solution of water and mild soap over the teak. Dry with a clean damp cloth. Avoid the use of harsh cleaning chemicals. As this product is natural, clean any spills or stains up promptly. You may use a teak protectant such as Golden Care Teak Shield to help preserve the teak wood.

Travertine care instructions

Don’t Use Generic Cleaners: You should never use anything but plain water and high-quality stone cleaner on your travertine surfaces. Generic cleaning products may contain abrasives that can scratch and dull the finish or chemicals that can cause etch marks or degrade the sealant on the stone.

Do Blot Up Spills Immediately: Be careful to clean up any spills right away. When the spill is something acidic, such as wine, coffee, tomato sauce, etc. you need to be especially careful to clean up quickly, since acids can etch or dull the stone.

Do Use Coasters & Trays: Using coasters under drinks on Travertine helps protect against the possibility of an acidic drip or spill leaving an etched ring on the stone.