Java Bookshelf - White Wash


Display your collection of books, decor and knick knacks on our Java Bookshelf. Made from reclaimed elm wood. Known for its strength and durability, our Java range is crafted from solid reclaimed elm wood. The old timber features unique markings and knots, with a beautiful wood grain, adding to its natural beauty.

L110cm x D37cm x H200cm

Shelf height: H40cm

This item is available for viewing in our showroom

Care Instructions: Our Java range is treated and sealed for everyday living, but we recommend keeping away from direct sunlight and moisture. Should a spill occur, wipe dry immediately. To clean, use a damp cloth with mild soap, and avoid any harsh cleaners.

Reclaimed Elm Wood is timber aged over 100 years. It is sustainably reclaimed from old homes and buildings which are to be torn down. The wood is then repurposed into new pieces of furniture rather than being added to landfill.

Reclaimed wood will have natural faults, cracks and splits but each piece has been carefully bleached, repaired and waxed to give a warm natural and smooth finish. These imperfections add to the beauty and uniqueness of reclaimed elm wood furniture. Please note that no two pieces are exactly alike, and any natural imperfections will not be considered a product defect.