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Kenya Sisal Wall Baskets 30cm (12 inch)

Kenya Sisal Wall Baskets 30cm (12 inch)


These sisal wall baskets are fun and funky, and include hanging thread on the back for easy use as a wall decor. Buy a group and make a gallery wall of baskets.


Handmade by a self-help group of skilled lady weavers in a remote rural village in Kenya, these baskets are finely woven, taking up to 7 days to make just one basket. The pattern is the reflection of the terrain of where the weavers live, reflecting the culture & colours of the soil in rural homesteads.


Purchasing one of these baskets supports its makers, providing empowerment, financial security and additional income, as well as helping preserve an ancient craft tradition.


- Ethical - Handmade - Ecofriendly


12 inch / 30cm


Please note baskets are approximately 8 inches but may vary as they are handmade. No 2 designs are exactly alike, so please keep this in mind when purchasing them.