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Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon

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Elevate your space with the eco-friendly Gili coffee table. Crafted from sustainable Mango wood, this stunning piece adds warmth and style to any room, inside or out.


- Made in Indonesia from kiln-dried natural Mango Wood

- Mango wood has an interesting and unique grain pattern, which adds to its aesthetic appeal. It can vary in color from light brown to dark brown, with occasional streaks of pink, yellow, or black which only adds to the appeal and uniquiness of each piece

- Mango wood is a sustainable resource because it is sourced from trees that are grown for their fruit, and only older, less fruitful trees are used for timber. This practice not only generates additional income for farmers but also helps to minimize waste and pollution

- Can be used indoors and outdoors undercover - away from direct sunlight and rain


Diameter: 50cm / 19.7 inch
Height: 41cm / 16.1 inch
Diameter: 65cm / 25.6 inch
Height: 36cm / 14.2 inch
Diameter: 80cm / 31.5 inch
Height: 30cm / 11.8 inch

Handling and Care

- Clean off dust and debris regularly from rattan sections with a soft-bristled brush or vacuum with brush attachments

- Wipe down with a mild soap detergent. Do not use harsh cleaners or abrasives

- Avoid the use of products containing acetone (eg nail polish and nail polish removers) around this product as the ingredients can damage the finish. All other spills, especially coloured liquids eg red wine, mustard, oils should be wiped up immediately to avoid staining the finish

- Can be used outdoors but keep away from rain and direct sunlight

- Never allow children to climb or hang onto draweres, doors or shelves. If required, use of an anti-tip kit is provided and is recommended for additional safety. However it may only reduce, but not eliminate, the risk of tip over.

- Never open more than one drawer at a time. Place heaviest items in the lowest drawers

Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
Gili Coffee Table - Cinnamon
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