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Stylish and Functional Rattan Baby and Children's Furniture for Your Modern Nursery – Handmade and Adorable

Welcome to our selection of the most adorable and stylish rattan baby and children's furniture around. Our handmade collection is perfect for any tropical modern nursery or playroom. Our pieces combine beautiful design with functionality, ensuring that you and your little ones will love them for years to come.

Let's start with a necessity every parent needs for little ones - a diaper changing table. Our rattan changing table is the perfect addition to any nursery. The natural texture of the rattan adds a touch of style to the room while also being incredibly functional. The open shelving provides quick and easy access to all your baby essentials, or drawers so you can stow away all of the essentials and focus on the important things.

Now let's talk about storage. Our nursery dresser is the answer to your storage needs! The rattan wicker drawers add that tropical flair every modern nursery needs, while also being incredibly functional. With enough drawers to store all of your baby's clothes and accessories, you'll never run out of space.

And of course, we couldn't forget the most important piece of furniture in any nursery - the baby cot. Our rattan baby cot is a beautiful centrepiece for any nursery. The natural colour and texture of the rattan combined with the modern design brings the perfect balance of style and sophistication into your nursery. The adjustable mattress height also lets you customise the cot's height to your baby's needs.

Our rattan baby and children's furniture is perfect for parents who desire stylish and functional design in their nurseries. Our handmade collection is the perfect blend of modern and tropical style that will leave your little one feeling right at home.

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