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Toothpick Lamp - Black

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Elevate your décor with our handmade Toothpick Floor Lamp, a classic standing lamp inspired by the lush landscapes of Indonesia for a hint of tropical bliss


- The teak material used in construction adds an exotic touch in a classic design

- Versatile and stylish, this lamp effortlessly complements a variety of decor styles, from coastal chic to bohemian flair, adding a touch of wanderlust to any room.


Lamp base:
Height: 127cm

With Jute, Cream, Black fabric shades:
Height: 153cm
Diameter: 45cm

With Tom Lampshade:
Height: 160cm
Diameter: 53cm

Handling and Care

- Gently clean the base with a slightly moist cloth to remove dust and maintain its pristine condition. Avoid using harsh chemicals to preserve the natural wood finish.

- To keep the lampshade looking its best, carefully vacuum it using a soft brush attachment. This method ensures dust-free fabric without damaging the material.

- This lamp is designed for use with a standard E27 light bulb (not included).

- Plug Adapter: The lamp comes with a 2-pin plug. Depending on your power points, you may need a 2 Pin Plug Plastic Adapter. These are readily available from most supermarkets, hardware stores or online marketplaces such as Lazada.

Toothpick Lamp - Black
Toothpick Lamp - Black
Toothpick Lamp - Black
Toothpick Lamp - Black
Toothpick Lamp - Black

Why you'll love it

Transport yourself to a sun-drenched oasis with our Toothpick Floor Lamp. Handmade with care, this floor lamp embodies the essence of tropical living. Three sturdy teak poles extend to bring natural and organic allure to any space. Illuminate your home with a warm, inviting glow reminiscent of tropical sunsets, casting enchanting shadows that dance along the walls. Whether you're nestled in a beachfront villa or urban jungle retreat, this lamp brings the essence of island life to your doorstep. Embrace the laid-back charm and earthy sophistication of our Lime Standing Lamp. Available in both a natural and painted black finish.

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