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Lowanu Stool

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Lowanu Stool: Crafted for Style, Designed for Sustainability.


Sustainably Sourced: Crafted from eco-friendly mango wood, supporting a cycle of renewal and providing additional income to fruit farmers.

Natural Variations: natural variations in mango wood can occasionally include shades of soft yellow and pink hues, are unique features that enhance its beauty, not defects. We kindly note these variations are inherent to the material and not considered reasons for returns.

Versatile Styling: Its natural aesthetic and timeless design make the Lowanu Stool a perfect match for any interior theme, from the sleek and modern to the relaxed and bohemian. Its lightweight structure allows for effortless mobility, perfect for indoors and outdoors under covers.


Length: 40cm
Width: 20cm
Height: 49cm

Handling and Care

Gentle Cleaning: Use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning the surface. A mild soap can be used for more stubborn spots, but ensure it's rinsed off thoroughly to avoid leaving any residue.

Chemical Awareness: Harsh chemicals and abrasive cleaners are not friends with your table’s natural finish. Avoid them to preserve the integrity and beauty of the wood.

Humidity and Heat: While mango wood is durable, it's best to keep it away from extreme heat sources and maintain a stable humidity level in your home to prevent warping or cracking.

Immediate Attention: Spills should be wiped away immediately with a dry cloth, followed by a damp one, to prevent staining.

Use Trivets and Coasters: To protect the surface from heat damage and moisture rings, make use of trivets and coasters under hot dishes, beverages, or any items that might leave stains or damage the finish.

Lowanu Stool
Lowanu Stool
Lowanu Stool
Lowanu Stool
Lowanu Stool

Why you'll love it

Introducing our stunning Lowanu Stool, crafted from solid Mango wood with a chic white wash finish. The sleek and simple design complements any interior style, making it a versatile addition to your home or outdoor space (under full cover). Looking for a more natural look? No problem! Our stool is also available in a natural and cinnamon finish. Handmade in Indonesia from sustainable Mango wood, this stool not only looks great but also supports local fruit farmers by utilizing the older, less fruitful trees that would otherwise go to waste. To keep your stool looking its best, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals and be cautious with acetone, nail polish, and nail polish removers as they can damage the finish. And if any spills occur, especially those pesky red wine or oil stains, be sure to wipe them up immediately to prevent any lasting damage. Elevate your living space with this beautiful and eco-friendly stool.

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