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Circa Sky Dinner Set (12 pcs)

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4x Dinner Plates Sky (29cm)
4x Side Plates Sky (21cm)
4x Bowls Sky (16cm)
This set is thoughtfully packaged in a colored gift box for convenient gifting.

Handling and Care

Please note that the product's reactive glaze may result in variations in color and design.

Circa Sky Dinner Set (12 pcs)
Circa Sky Dinner Set (12 pcs)


Create the ideal dining setting with the Ecology Circa 12 Piece Dinner Set in Sky.

The Circa collection exudes a lightness that imparts a distinct feeling of tranquility and ease to this stoneware ensemble. Picture a laid-back outdoor dining experience with nourishing meals and the soft glow of tea lights casting a warm ambiance. The standout characteristic is the remarkably flat profile, harmoniously counterbalanced by the inviting curvature of the bowls and mugs. The high gloss finish, adorned with washed blue tones, introduces a subtle translucency, accentuated by the deep blue rims.

About Ecology Designed in Australia, Ecology is a uniquely Australian brand with a look that is earthy and organic, resonating with a modern sophisticated customer. Their guiding principles are to create long-lasting, fashion-focused lifestyle products. With their designers working tirelessly to deliver on-trend pieces every season, Ecology is a brand you can count on for quality and style.

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