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Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White

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Material Components:
GFRC is a type of glass-fibre-reinforced concrete and is distinctly different to concrete, poly resin, fibre stone, or GRC. GFRC has been developed specifically to withstand the wide ranges of weather variation found worldwide, from below freezing to over 50ºC.


Top: D65cm x H10cm
Base: D46cm x H40cm
Weight: 30kg

Handling and Care

Cleaning Instructions:
-Clean your concrete product as you would to an exotic natural stone surface such as marble or onyx.
-For general clean up, use warm water and soft or microfibre cloth to clean the surface.
-For stubborn surface soils or stains, use a mild household cleaner or liquid soap (containing no abrasive, chlorine/bleach, or ammonium). A commercially available all-purpose / all-surface cleaner is appropriate.
If products containing antibacterial or disinfectant agents are used, always test an inconspicuous area of the piece to ensure your cleaner is compatible with the finish.
-Always remove cleaning agent residue with a clean water and rinse immediately; then dry. Do not allow large standing water drops to air dry, or water spotting may occur.
-General food preparation and spills will not stain the concrete as long as the protective sealer coating is maintained. However, spills should be cleaned as soon as possible. Since concrete is a porous material, water spotting may occur, but generally disappears after it has time to evaporate. While intense heat will not harm the concrete itself, setting a hot object directly on the surface may weaken or discolour the sealer, thus exposing the raw concrete to future staining and fading.
-Always use trivets under hot pots and pans. While the concrete is suitable for everyday use and food preparation, cutting and other abrasive activities should not be performed directly on the surface of the concrete.
-To prevent scratching on the surface or wear of the sealer coat, use cutting boards, and felt or rubber pads on the bottom of all heavy or rough objects that remain on the surface for a long duration (i.e. small appliances).

Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White
Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White
Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White
Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White
Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White
Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table - White


For a look that's bold and contemporary, this Cement Coffee from our outdoor furniture range will be a unique feature in your home. Looks great in your living room, but the best thing is, it can also be used outdoors in all weather. 

Also available in grey 

Each batch of furniture produced will vary in tone and patina and will change with use and age, and has variations in colour and texture within a single piece as part of cement's natural characteristics. Aesthetic imperfections may include, but not limited to, hairline cracks, uneven colouration, spots, exposed aggregate or fibre, all characteristically typical of concrete.

Indoor and outdoor use

Made in Vietnam

Easy 14 Day Returns